Phillip Kopus and Harold Jensen might finally be teaming up again.

In this exclusive clip from Thursday’s episode of The Red Road, Kopus is worried that Junior—who now knows the truth about Mac’s murder—may plot revenge against Levi. Could he kill his own father?

With nowhere else to turn, Kopus tries to enlist Harold’s help, even though things have been tense between them since Kopus returned from jail. Harold resists: “You made this kid into a mad dog, and now that he’s on the loose, you want to pass the buck.” But the newly-appointed captain won’t let Junior get into trouble if he can help it, right? Although Harold likes to pretend he’s not on the Lenapes’ side, he’s proven over and over that he’s their only advocate in the town.

The Red Road airs at 10 p.m. on SundanceTV.

The Red Road
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