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April 29, 2015 at 04:31 PM EDT

It’s undeniable that more and more viewers are watching shows through streaming sites. The question, though, is how popular each of those shows are among streaming viewers. More importantly: Are streaming-only original shows like Netflix’s Daredevil and House of Cards actually successful?

While Netflix hasn’t released viewer data—and shows no sign of doing so anytime soon—a new report from Variety offers some insight into how much of Netflix’s user base watches the service’s original shows.

Variety worked with Luth Research to generate the report, surveying 2,500 Netflix subscribers to determine some general information about DaredevilHouse of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Bloodline‘s success. These users were measured only via computer, phone, and tablet watching, so the data does not take into account users watching through TV applications or Netflix via game consoles.

Still, the data does offer a few fascinating insights, the biggest of which is that Daredevil is challenging House of Cards for the Netflix throne. About 10.7 percent of subscribers measured watched at least one episode of the first Marvel/Netflix show within its first 11 days. Comparitively, only 6.5 percent watched one episode of House of Cards‘ third season in the same time frame. (When all three seasons of the show are measured, however, Cards was reportedly the service’s most popular show in the month of March.)

7.3 percent of viewers watched at least one episode of Kimmy Schmidt in the same period, while only 2.4 percent tuned in for Bloodline.

Of course, these numbers come from a select sample size and don’t analyze all the ways Netflix is watched. But as the streaming service has been quite tight lipped in regard to its viewership, having any idea of what’s being watched offers a fascinating look into the streaming world.

Read the rest of Variety‘s report for more on Luth’s findings.

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