Singer and outspoken vegetarian Morrissey has penned an angry open letter to former vice president Al Gore and his Live Earth co-founder Kevin Wall on behalf of PETA asking them—well, more telling them—not to serve a meal involving the use of any animal products at Live Earth 2015. “Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally,” he wrote, going on to suggest that if the event does not decide to provide vegan-only fare it should renamed itself “Dead Earth: We Contributed!”

The Smiths singer’s tour rider strictly prohibits having meat around, going so far as to request that no meat be prepared or served within the venue he’ll perform in for the entire day of his event — which gave us the brilliant clip of Stephen Colbert telling Morrissey he’s woozy because he wasn’t able to have his bacon that day. He also threatened to cancel his Staples Center performance in 2013 because of the venue’s vendors.

The letter is reprinted below, in its entirety, via Rolling Stone:

Dear Mr. Gore and Mr. Wall,

I am writing to ask you to do the one thing that will do the most good for the planet and the majority of its inhabitants: not serve meat or dairy products at Live Earth 2015. I don’t mean offering a vegan option-I mean not serving animal products at all. Otherwise, the event will make no sense-it’ll be “greenwashing.” Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally. Your responsibility is to alert people to a crisis, not sell out to the vendors responsible for it.

Not only is it possible for venues to provide a 100 percent meat-free menu-as is done now at every concert venue in which I perform, including Madison Square Garden, where I have a show at the end of June-it’s also a moral duty.

We already know that raising animals for food is a leading cause of climate change and that moving toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat climate change’s worst effects. Animal agriculture severely affects the world’s freshwater supply and is a major contributor to global greenhouse-gas emissions, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and air and water pollution, among many other harmful effects.

Since you can’t miss the fact that meat consumption is killing the planet-your own sponsor organization, the United Nations, states this-and since venues can and will cater vegan food for events, if you choose to serve animal flesh at Live Earth, you’ll be making a mockery of the very concept of the event, in which case it should be renamed “Dead Earth: We Contributed!”

Don’t be a denier of the causes of climate change. You know the facts. Make the right choice.

Sincerely, Morrissey