In two exclusive videos, David Lagercrantz, the Swedish author of The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the fourth installment of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series, dives into Lisbeth Salander’s psyche. “I’ve heard people call Lisbeth Salander a psychopath,” Lagercrantz says in the video above. “But that’s so terribly wrong.”

“You can’t put too much feeling on her,” he explains, “because Lisbeth is not a person who feels so much—or at least, we can’t really see her feelings.” The writer goes on to discuss Lisbeth’s need for revenge, and the deep anger that motivates her, in the captivating clip.

Stieg Larsson’s estate, as fans of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its sequels will note, specifically chose Lagercrantz to continue the internationally best-selling novels. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the books, Lagercrantz had to write The Girl in the Spider’s Web under Salander-esque levels of security. “Lagercrantz wrote the work on a computer with no internet connection, and delivered the Swedish manuscript to his publishers by hand,” The Guardian reports.

In the second video, below, Lagercrantz discusses why the character of Lisbeth intrigues him so. “She still is a riddle,” he says, “and it’s such a challenge for me as a writer to try and understand her…. I’m just crazy about her.”

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is available around the world August 27—except for the U.S. version, which hits shelves September 1. The English version will be translated by George Goulding.

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