Big Sean

The year was going so well for Big Sean. His new album Dark Sky Paradise garnered positive reviews, and his ability appears to be trending upward. But then his highly public relationship with singer Ariana Grande ended last week. Now with his May 3 show at Princeton imminent, the protest that launched earlier this month against Sean’s show has been renewed, via a Monday article in The New York Times. “His language provides the ideological basis for gender-based violence against women,” said Duncan Hosie, a student and co-creator of the petition.

The document‘s purpose is concise, stating: “I agree: USG Should stop promoting rape culture and misogyny by rescinding the offer to Big Sean to headline Lawnparties Spring ’15. In the future, USG should strive to bring non-misogynistic acts to campus.”

The Times reports that the petition received “hundreds of signatures;” however, neither the student government—they’d still have to pay the rapper—nor all students harbor the same disdain for the Sunday’s headliner. “The blame often falls on rap, and black men in particular,” Achille Tenkiang, another student, said. “And as a black man, that bothers me.”

Read the Times‘ full story here.