How will your emotions react to Avengers: Age of Ultron? We’re betting they’ll run the gamut—after all, trying to fight a giant killer robot can’t be all laughs.

In a fun “Disney synergy” moment, Pixar has released an advertisement that features all of the voices inside your head—or at least the cartoon ones from Pixar’s upcoming movie, Inside Out—watching an Avengers trailer. “Atta girl!” says Joy proudly when Black Widow picks up Captain America’s shield. “This is not happening!” says Fear as Ultron destroys a building. (Spoiler alert: the most excitable reactions overall come from Black Widow’s epic motorcycle ride.)

So, when you finally see the film, will you react more like Anger, who seems to identify with the Hulk? Or maybe more along the lines of Joy, who seems to find a silver lining in every shot?

Inside Out
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