As we know from the Taken movies, Liam Neeson is a bit of a family guy himself. So who better to guest-star in Family Guy‘s 250th episode airing this Sunday?

Titled “Fighting Irish,” the episode will find Peter Griffin meeting Neeson for less-than-friendly reasons. “We learn that anytime Peter gets a few beers in him, he goes on a drunken rant about how he can beat up Liam Neeson,” says executive producer Steve Callaghan. “Quagmire and Joe and Cleveland have reached their limit after hearing this same drunken rant one too many times—so they realize it’s time call Peter’s bluff.”

After learning that Neeson happens to be shooting a movie a few hours from Quahog, the guys track him down and try to crash his set. This leads to a “down and dirty” dad fight, though Callaghan notes that Peter “definitely does not have a particular set of skills” like Neeson. “It’s straight-up a drunk guy who’s that stupid and thinks he can beat up a movie star,” Callaghan says. “His skills are drinking a lot of alcohol, running off his mouth, and putting himself in situations he shouldn’t be in.”

Take a look at a clip from the other big fight going down this weekend:

“What’s great about Liam is that he’s so funny, and in some ways, the more serious he gets, the funnier he becomes,” Callaghan says, adding that there’ll also be lovers tonight: “The episode opens with Quagmire inviting everyone to an event that he dubs Quagfest, which is a celebration of his 1,000th sexual conquest. So he throws basically a street-fair/carnival event to commemorate the special occaision.” As for the attractions at Quagfest? “Probably nothing that can be printed,” Callaghan says.

The 250th episode of Family Guy airs this Sunday at 9pm ET on Fox.

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