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Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne told press at Brazil’s Monsters of Rock festival that the band plans to record its final album and embark on a farewell tour in 2016.

The group reunited in 2012 for their first album in over 30 years. Osbourne, however, doesn’t have plans to stop performing once Sabbath is through. “My wife spends all my money, so I can’t,” the 66-year-old said in São Paulo last weekend.

But not every member of the band — which currently includes Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler — feels the same way. “[This will be] our last hurrah,” Osbourne said. “Then it’s no more Sabbath at all. We’re disbanding the name and everything. They don’t want to tour anymore. I get it. But I love it.”

The Sabbath frontman said he’s already in the process of collecting material for a solo album. When asked how he’s kept up his energy onstage after all these years (Black Sabbath was founded in 1968), Osbourne said, “I’ve just got to give it my best shot every night and hope that they like it. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.”

And when things end with the band, Osbourne might spend his time hanging out with Justin Bieber (“He’s a good friend of mine.”) or painting. “I don’t take drugs anymore, so I’ve got to paint,” he said. “[But] I’m not really a good artist.”

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