By Andrea Towers
Updated April 28, 2015 at 08:26 PM EDT

How do you make a trip to the DMV (and a new license photo) a little more exciting? If you’re Hayley Atwell, you run your errands while dressed in costume.

The actress, who has portrayed Marvel’s Peggy Carter in both Captain America films as well as ABC’s recent Agent Carter television series, took to twitter earlier this week to share the result of her DMV visit. As promised, Atwell took her photo in full Peggy Carter wear, including the trademark red lipstick and body mic. (Fans can thank filming for that one.)

Funny enough, Atwell isn’t the only Marvel actor to have their photo taken in character. A few months ago, coming straight from Marvel’s Phase 3 announcement, Robert Downey Jr. stopped in to renew his own license—Stark goatee and all.