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Courtney Love is being sued by Anthony Bozza, the co-writer of her memoir, The New York Times reports. Love hired Bozza in 2010 to help write her memoir for HarperCollins imprint William Morrow.

Bozza is accusing Love of “failing to complete payment for his work since he delivered a 123,375-word manuscript in January 2014,” the Times reports. The biographer said he received $100,000 of his payment, but is seeking damages of $200,000, as he was guaranteed a minimum of $200,000 from Love’s publishing advance in addition to potential royalties from book sales.

The suit alleges that Love already received $400,000 of a $1.2 million advance for the book. Bozza’s lawyer, Rishi Bhandari, told the Times that Love was to receive an additional advance on the book’s royalties when the draft was delivered, “but Courtney refused to deliver the manuscript.” The lawsuit also claims that “Love’s frequent unexplained absences meant that she did not make herself reasonably available to Bozza for months at a time.”

Love told The Telegraph in April 2014 that she rejected the ghostwritten autobiography and had sent it back to HarperCollins: “It’s like me jacked on coffee and sugar in a really bad mood. I said keep your bloody money. I’d rather keep my friends.” According to the Times, Love texted Bozza around that same time, telling him she was “trying to fix the book” with a new author. Bozza said he was never formally fired. Neither HarperCollins nor Love provided comment to the Times.