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When the Saints Go Marching In

With only three episodes left of The Originals in season 2, there are still many unresolved issues at hand. Klaus has been daggered, Kol is still dead—and of course, Dahlia’s still in town, and as deadly as ever. But when Dahlia killed Aiden in last week’s hour, it forced Davina to make a decision: Thinking that Klaus was responsible for Aiden’s death, Davina gave Marcel the dagger that could take Klaus down. And then Elijah used it on his brother.

So what’s next when we pick up? We talked with Danielle Campbell about the week’s ahead:

Davina’s biggest focus is still Kol. When we pick up with Davina this week, she’s “really ready to bring back Kol,” Campbell said. “She’s going to continue to do anything and everything to [bring him back], and what she’s going to find is that this is not an easy task. Kol’s already been brought back, so it’s a lot more difficult this time; there’s not as many opportunities to do so. And the opportunity that she finds, it may or may not go her way.”

Vincent will return … as will badass Davina. While Davina struggles to bring back Kol, her best option comes from Vincent, who might also help return Davina to her neck-snapping ways. “Vincent comes to Davina with an opportunity that could bring her a step closer to bringing back Kol and also give her kind of an edge up with some power,” Campbell said.

Davina will get in on the Dahlia action. With everyone trying to come up with a plan to take down Dahlia, this week will see Davina team up with Rebekah and Cami in what Campbell described as a “power group.” But more generally, the next few weeks will be about everyone teaming up in one way or another. And yes, that will bring Davina face to face with her enemy when “they all come up with a plan in order to kill Dahlia,” she said. However, “you’re not going to see a full on stand-off between Davina and Dahlia.”

Josh and Davina will lean on each other. Aiden’s death will continue to play a big role this week. “Over the course of time that [Josh and Aiden] have been together, you’ve also seen Davina have a friendship with Aiden. So this is just wearing on her—not only losing her friend’s boyfriend but a friend of hers as well,” Campbell said. “She has lost so many, and the worst thing possible for Davina is losing some of the very few people that she’s grown to love, trust, and care about. I think she knows that [Josh] needs that time to grieve. But at the same time, she believes Klaus is the reason that he’s dead, and so she wants nothing more than to hurt him the way that he’s hurt her friends.”

Expect a very different season 3. When asked about how the season 2 finale compares to the first season’s, Campbell said, “The drama’s heightened so much,” adding, “The ending of this season is really exciting because it almost sets up next season to be a whole new show. I know that’s a really big statement, but it closes so many of those doors that have been left open from last season and from Vampire Diaries. And so next season, you’re really going to see this whole new twist. It’s going to be really exciting.”

The Originals airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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When the Saints Go Marching In
The Originals

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