By Will Robinson
Updated April 27, 2015 at 10:33 PM EDT
Credit: Mac Boucher

Tidal has encountered a, well, wave of criticism since its March re-launch when Jay Z, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, and others took the stage, literally signing on to the purported future. The month or so since hasn’t been particularly hot. The app’s popularity hasn’t sustained a noteworthy spot on the top downloads chart. Kanye West deleted tweets of support before tossing out another one. Then, Hov took to Twitter to offer a 15-tweet defense over the weekend with the somewhat passive-aggressive hashtag #TidalFacts.

The campaign caught the attention of at least one musician: Grimes. So much so, she retweeted it and posted it to her Instagram account.

She also posted a message—that has since been deleted—targeting Tidal haters and giving a testimonial to its benefit to artists. “People have characterized tidal negatively but I promise it’s 100% artist friendly,” she wrote, per The Fader, “and fan friendly since yall have the option to pay the same rate as other streaming respect to everyone involved for doing the right thing for struggling artists – this kind of thing is so important, especially for indie music!”

As she also points out, she doesn’t have an investment in the business beyond her trade as a musician. Though it hasn’t been a sensation yet, Tidal can’t be declared a failure yet. It’s been a month! Give it some time and chill.