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Derek Shepherd’s death on Grey’s Anatomy was sad, sure. But shocking? Not so much. The episodes leading up to last Thursday’s “How to Save a Life” all but told the audience, Derek is going to die. The only thing that kept viewers hopeful that the missing-in-action Derek was still alive was that he had almost died so many times before: He survived getting shot by the hospital gunman! He survived the plane crash! He couldn’t possibly die this time—could he?

Well, he could, and he did. And because Grey’s is heavy on foreshadowing, we’ve really got no excuse for being surprised. Here’s a list of all the times the show hinted at Derek’s impending doom.

Season 11, Episode 18

  • “So he’s just back. For good?” —Maggie

    “Yeah … I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I am just so blessed.” —Meredith

  • “I have some loose ends in D.C. so I’ll be flying back and forth for a few weeks, tie them, hand them off, then I’ll be here for good.” —Derek to Owen
  • “I’ve been missing out on everything in my life. I’m watching my kids grow up on the computer. I don’t want to miss my family. I don’t want to miss another second. I want to coach, go to ballet recitals.” —Derek

Season 11, Episode 19

  • “What if I change my flight? I could come by the hospital before I get to the airport and we could find an empty on-call room.” —Derek
  • “I’ll be home before you know it.” —Derek
  • “I just wish, I don’t know, you could stay or I could come with you or something.” —Meredith
  • “I’ll be back soon, you know that.” —Derek
  • “You don’t know where I’ve been or what I’ve had to overcome because you have never had to. You never lost the love of your life. You have never cried over the body of the person you love most in this world. You don’t know how that messes a person up.” —Amelia to Meredith
  • “Derek never showed up to his meeting this morning. I’m sure his flight got delayed or something.” —Meredith

Season 11, Episode 20

  • “Remember ages ago, you and I had a really big fight? And I told you, I said, you were like coming up for fresh air. Like I was drowning and you saved me. I still feel that way, when I see you, what we have, our family. That’s the feeling… that it’s always been you. And I want more. Of this. Of us. I want to have more. Let’s have more. I mean it.” —Derek to Meredith
  • “But the truth is, you don’t know how you’ll react to your worst case scanario. None of us do. Not until it happens.” —Meredith

Season 11, Episode 21

  • “I’m not going to miss my flight.” —Derek to Amelia, Bailey, and April while he’s driving to airport
  • “It’s a beautiful day to save lives.” —Derek to car crash victims
  • “No one’s going to die, Winnie.” —Derek to one of the car crash victims
  • “We’re not a trauma center. We’re not properly equipped for this kind of thing. We don’t have room. You guys know that.” —doctor to the EMT who brings an injured Derek to the ER
  • “I’m going to die because these people aren’t properly trained.” —Derek’s inner monologue while he’s in the hospital. Spoiler: He was right.

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