Catwoman, Robin, and more are joining the fray.

Taking on every major villain in Gotham can be a difficult task, even for the Caped Crusdaer himself. So it never hurts to have a few friends along to help.

The new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, titled “All Who Follow You,” reveals that Batman won’t be alone in his latest fight. Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing all pop up to assist Batman in the fight against the Scarecrow, Two-Face and the rest of Gotham’s worst.

But the appearances aren’t merely superficial—they’ll have a major implication on the game’s fighting, which helps to expand Batman’s utility belt with a few new sets of tools.

The new feature is called “Dual Play,” and will allow characters to momentarily take control of one of Batman’s comrades-in-arms during the game’s free flow combat. Players will switch from one to the other while chaining together attacks on the thugs, both big and small, trying to take control of Gotham.

Batman: Arkham Knight, the conclusion to the Dark Knight’s adventure that began in Batman: Arkham Asylum, will arrive on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Batman: Arkham Knight
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