Passport to Paris, Double, Double Toil and Trouble, It Takes Two: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made some of the most memorable kids movies in recent decades, teaching us all the value of diplomacy, friendship, and family. What other tweens could make Model U.N. seem cool, vandalism seem like a good idea, and make it all the way to their grandmother’s house unscathed?

Though Nickelodeon recently acquired some of Mary-Kate and Ashley‘s content library, the network missed out on bringing a few of their best classics back to the small screen. And while EW ranked the shows and films that would be airing on the channel, after further thought, it just didn’t seem right not to include their cinematic masterpieces of the ’90s and early ’00s—along with the fashion, makeup, and magazines that helped the twins build their empire.

So EW put together a definitive ranking of everything the two worked on together, because the twins did it all. (Well, not including guest appearances on shows like The Simpons or 7th Heaven—we had to draw a line somewhere.) Spoiler alert: It’s hard to make a list like this when it all was just so good.

24. Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, 2001-2002

The animated series from Mary-Kate and Ashley that no one really remembers.

23. The Challenge, 2003

All of the early Survivor and Legends of the Hidden Temple feelings come flooding back with this one.

22. Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive, 2002

The twins traveled all around the world, but their collection wouldn’t be complete without a road trip movie.

21. Switching Goals, 1999

Sam (Mary-Kate) does sports, Emma (Ashley) does her nails. Just because they’re twins doesn’t mean they’re the same, guys!

20. Mary-Kate and Ashley: The magazine

How were there only three editions?

19. You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s, 1995-2000

Throwing the best parties of the ’90s. Wait, did you forget to send in your RSVP?

18. The Little Rascals, 1994

Just there to keep it real with their BFFs about boys, boogers and bugs.

17. So Little Time, 2001-2002

At the height of their popularity, we all needed more choreographed dance numbers.

16. When In Rome, 2002

When in Rome, do as the Olsen twins do: Find cute boys and take over the fashion industry.

15. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, 2003

Move over, Lucy and Cameron: Mary-Kate and Ashley were born for this.

14. New York Minute, 2004

Two words: Eugene Levy. Wait, sorry: Jared Padalecki.

Credit: Tumblr

13. Our Lips Are Sealed, 2000

Sun, surf, and accents they couldn’t understand. Clearly, there’s no better place for these two blabblermouths to hide out from a bunch of angry mobsters.

Credit: Buzzfeed/Tumblr

12. To Grandmother’s House We Go, 1992

So this is how you effectively run away from home. It’s an unsafe “don’t try this at home” moment—but if you’re going to confront a couple of robbers, one of them might as well be Rhea Perlman.

11. Double, Double Toil and Trouble, 1993

Witchcraft, creepy grave-diggers and doppelgängers: Why were we all allowed to watch this?!

10. Two of a Kind, 1998-1999

The first post-Full House sitcom for Mary-Kate and Ashley, which starred the duo as sassy tweens being raising by a single dad. (One does sports, the other does her nails.) Pure gold.

9. How the West Was Fun, 1994

The villainous Bart Gafooley (Martin Mull) should’ve known better than to mess with the Olsens. But really, there’s no way he should’ve survived that trip down the rapids.

8. The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, 1994-1997

They were like a miniature version of Mulder and Scully with unparalled access to SeaWorld, cruise ships, and top-secret government business. As long as they solved the case before dinnertime.

7. Fashion and beauty products: Wal-Mart’s “Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real fashion for real girls,” Elizabeth & James, J.C. Penney’s Olsenboye

Their fashion empire really picked up steam with the launch of Elizabeth & James, which also turned the Olsens into bona fide high-end designers—but the twins’ clothes and make-up made specifically for kids at Wal-Mart is what started it all. If Mary-Kate and Ashley were wearing crop tops and flip-flops, every fan needed to have crop tops and flip-flops.

6. Holiday in the Sun, 2001

Megan Fox rejects so many potential suitors in this movie—but she looks past them all in favor of white-tank-top-wearing hotel hottie Jordan (Ben Easter). But sorry, B. He only has eyes for an Olsen. Fav line: “I get what I want, and I want Jordan.”

Credit: Buzzfeed/Tumblr

5. Full House, 1987-1995

The twins shared the iconic role of Michelle, so neither had the chance to get tired of saying, “You got it, dude.”

4. Billboard Dad, 1998

The twins made vandalism look easy. After seeing it, kids with single/widowed/divorced parents everywhere were like, “Oh wait, could that work?”

3. It Takes Two, 1995

The ’90s movie about two twins from opposite sides of the tracks who come together to play matchmaker for the silly adults in their lives… a.k.a. The Parent Trap, but with actual twins and Steve Guttenberg (!).

Credit: Elite Daily/Tumblr

2. Winning London, 2001

Remember, kids: Hooking up with faux-British regulation hotties like Jesse Spencer can solve global conflict.

1. Passport to Paris, 1999

The twins resolved the French water crisis and taught everyone to love McDonald’s… just like all the great American heroes. Simply the best.

Credit: E! Online/Tumblr

Update: Some very astute commenters pointed out the omission of Mary-Kate and Ashley’s “Olsen Twins Mother’s Day Special” along with “Our First Video.” Naturally, they should’ve appeared on the list, and definitely ahead of The Challenge.