Vivian Zink/NBC
April 24, 2015 at 01:16 PM EDT

Even other networks are excited for Fox’s X-Files revival.

NBC has released a new promo for its Thursday night summer lineup, and it might as well come with an “I Want to Believe” poster. Starting May 28, the network is pairing Hannibal, which bumped Gillian Anderson up to series regular for its third season, with David Duchovny’s new Charles Manson miniseries Aquarius. While it might be a bit much to call back-to-back time slots a reunion for the X-Files stars, it counts a sort of pre-reunion reunion—and the network is not afraid to play that up, echoing the revival’s font choice and a few notes of the old theme.

To remind everyone that this is still a promo for Aquarius and Hannibal, Anderson stabs a guy with an ice pick. “She plays rough,” says Duchovny, which doesn’t even seem to be the actual line. Previous promos suggest that it’s, “The love generation plays rough.” NBC just wanted to hear him say it.

The truth is everywhere right about now.


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