Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has been a classic Hollywood tale for more than 100 years, beginning with the 1910 short film produced by Thomas Edison’s studio, to the Gothic horror of Boris Karloff’s iconic monster in the 1930s, to Mel Brooks’ brilliant 1974 parody. Later this year, the monster gets reanimated again with Victor Frankenstein, which stars James McAvoy as the titular scientist and Daniel Radcliffe as his assistant, Igor. This version of the story is told from the latter’s point of view.

In one of the two new behind-the-scenes images from the film, courtesy of Empire, directed by Paul McGuigan and written by Chronicle’s Max Landis, the two actors rest quietly—but seemingly in character—in front of pile of flesh destined for new life. Radcliffe will certainly go down as the best-looking Igor in movie history. Or is it pronounced E-gor? “There is some debate now about which is the version we’re going to use,” Radcliffe told EW in 2013. “It won’t be up to me, because it’s not actually my name for the whole film … so I’ll leave that as a tantalizing clue. I’m not the one who has to say it first. I think James is the one to call me it first. So whatever he pronounces, that will be the name.”

Victor Frankenstein opens Oct. 2.