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Though VHS copies of their classics have spent the past few years collecting dust, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s films and TV series could never really be forgotten. And now, Nickelodeon is bringing some of the Olsen library to their network, making the dreams of countless ’90s kids come true.

The twins traveled the world and had the coolest adventures, meeting some of the most adorable foreign boys along the way. And while Passport to Paris and Billboard Dad didn’t make the cut for Nickelodeon this time—we’re not happy about it either—several of our other favorites will be heading to the network very soon.

To honor that—and so you know when, exactly, you need to set your DVR—we ranked the Mary-Kate and Ashley films and series that will be airing from worst to first.

10. Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!, 2001-2002

The animated series from Mary-Kate and Ashley that no one really remembers. So, it’s coming back!

9. Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive, 2002

That year was so busy for the twins—and not every movie can be an instant classic! In Getting There, Mary-Kate and Ashley head to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics in their brand new Mustang. Naturally, the ride is anything but smooth for the twins and their friends. Not a bad movie necessarily, but nothing can compare to the genius that was Passport to Paris.

8. The Challenge, 2003

Even in the middle of a reality competition, the Olsens still manage to find love. The two star as complete opposites who enter a Survivor-type show for the chance to win a college scholarship. But they quickly learn that the physical and mental challenges are totally hard (probably for the real twins, too).

7. You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s, 1995-2000

Mary-Kate and Ashley knew how to throw a ’90s party, and we were all invited. From costume parties to Christmas parties, the twins had the best outfits, decorations, and guests. But without an RSVP, you probably wouldn’t make the cut.

6. When in Rome, 2002

Leila (Ashley) and Charli (Mary-Kate) take internships abroad in the fashion industry—but instead of working with models and fabrics, they’re forced to toil away in the (lame) mail room. But lucky for them, they’re talented and have Italian boys to show them how to make pizza and espresso, making the trip worth it.

5. The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley, 1994-1997

The early years of the Olsen twins featured plenty of investigation and crime fighting in. In the show, which was occasionally surprisingly dark, the duo solved cases involving SeaWorld, a hacker who stole Christmas spirit, and even a ghost haunting a mansion in Transylvania. Their sidekick, Clue the basset hound, was also super adorable.

4. So Little Time, 2001-2002

Riley (Mary-Kate) and Chloe Carlson (Ashley) were just normal teenagers dealing with boys, homework, and family drama. Plenty of their former co-stars made appearances as love interests (including Holiday in the Sun‘s Ben Easter). The Olsen cinematic universe collided in the best way here, though the series was sadly short-lived.

3. Our Lips Are Sealed, 2000

The Olsens make witness protection look pretty glamorous when their family is forced to pack up and move to Australia after the twins see a crime take place. But the two don’t even sweat it, because there’s cute boys to go surfing with—and they’ve learned a few kickass self-defense moves along the way.

2. Holiday in the Sun, 2001

Guys, remember how Megan Fox was in this? Holiday in the Sun had the twins heading off to the Bahamas to soak up the sun and fight over a boy with Fox’s character, Brianna. Brianna couldn’t quite break up the deep love connection between Alex (Ashley) and her white tank top-wearing beau, Jordan (Ben Easter). Better luck next time, B.

1. Winning London, 2001

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen play Chloe and Riley Lawrence—not related to Chloe and Riley Carlson—who jet off to London to take part in an International Model U.N. competition. It’s really just an excuse to fake sword fight, quote Shakespeare, and hang out with cute British boys (specifically, Chicago Fire star Jesse Spencer). And there’s that faux-hostage scene, which required some pretty stealth spy moves from Riley (Ashley) and her love interest Brian (Brandon Tyler). Model U.N. was suddenly so cool.