Before Green Day tried to take down the Bush Administration, became ubiquitous at the prom, and named a smash-hit album after fecal matter, the band was just a trio of goofy teens growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. And recently, a nearly hour-long 1990 video featuring Green Day performing at their East Bay high school—in startlingly unpunky garb—has gained traction on the web.

Casual Green Day fans won’t find much to latch onto in the footage, which consists almost solely of songs from the band’s 1991 compilation 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. But the video, filmed in a courtyard at Pinole Valley High School, is still a fun watch. For one, not much has changed about frontman Billie Joe Armstrong: He still plays his signature Fender Stratocaster, nicknamed “Blue,” and his stage banter was surprisingly well-developed for an 18-year-old performer. A daytime high school gig also provides an interesting juxtaposition for the Berkeley, Calif., punk scene Green Day eventually became associated with on the band’s road to stardom.

Check out the footage below.