By Kelly Connolly
Updated April 23, 2015 at 05:27 PM EDT
Credit: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

This is the world we live in: Mila Kunis is being sued over a chicken named Doggie.

Singer Kristina Karo has accused the actress of stealing her chicken when they were growing up together in Ukraine. According to the lawsuit, filed Monday in Small Claims Court in L.A., Karo is seeking $5,000 to cover therapy sessions “due to isolation for the loss of her chicken pet.” She states that her emotional distress was furthered by arriving in LA and seeing Kunis, because everyone in LA sees Mila Kunis everywhere all the time.

Not one to take such serious allegations lying down, Kunis has released a video with Ashton Kutcher, originally posted by TMZ, to jokingly respond to Karo’s claims. “Emotionally, I feel served,” says Kunis, who has not yet been served with papers. She adds, “I would like to launch a counter $5,000 lawsuit for making me sit there and watch your music video, shamelessly.”

And just to formally clear the air, Kunis says, “I would never steal someone else’s chicken.”

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