By Isabella Biedenharn
Updated April 23, 2015 at 04:44 PM EDT

The Harry Potter Alliance, an international non-profit, has launched a campaign called “Accio Books!” Their goal: to donate 60,000 books to communities in need. “Accio Books!” runs from April 2 to June 2, and Alliance chapters and individual members will run book drives during that time, sharing stories both across the United States and worldwide. After two weeks, the campaign has already collected over 8,000 books.

“Literacy is the driving force behind our organization and is the key to success in education,” says HPA Executive Director Matt Maggiacomo. “It’s our mission to make literacy a priority in communities.”

HPA is working with three organizations this year to build libraries in their communities: Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City, Missouri; Borderline Books in Gateshead, England; and Borderline Books in Leiden, the Netherlands. With the donated books, these organizations will build their lending libraries and give away books to people in need, working to promote literacy in those areas. HPA chapters and members, which span 45 countries across the globe, are asked to donate books in their own communities, as well.

To participate, you can mail books directly to Operation Breakthrough and Borderline Books (instructions here). Or, on April 23, bring new and used books to local World Book Night celebrations in New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Lexington, Kentucky, and Richmond, Virginia. Attendees of Hank Green’s Tour Because Awesome will be able to donate books at his shows, too.