Beyond 'Darkness' lies...'Beyond'

April 22, 2015 at 09:16 PM EDT

The next Star Trek movie opens July 8, 2016, but apart from that, little is definitive about the high-profile franchie entry that has experienced an unusually public course-correction. There was the departure of director J.J. Abrams and co-conspirator Damon Lindelof, two of the main creative steersman of the rebooted series; after Star Trek Into Darkness, Abrams moved to Star Wars and Lindelof returned to television. Then there was the ensuing departure of Roberto Orci, a co-writer on the first two films, who had been tapped to write and direct Star Trek 3.

Given the awkward reception to Star Trek Into Darkness—a movie that earned pretty good reviews and performed fairly well  at the box office before suffering a fascinatingly immediate reputation decline—one can speculate that Paramount was looking to re-reboot the Trek series, which is turning 50 next year. First came a new director: Justin Lin, the turnaround kingpin who helped transform Fast & Furious into a billion-dollar global enterprise; next, some new writers—including Simon Pegg, Trek actor and Comic-Con glamour boy.

And now, maybe, a new title. claims that the film will be called Star Trek Beyond. Punctuation aficianadoes will note that it’s Star Trek Beyond and not Star Trek: Beyond, just like how it was Star Trek Into Darkness and not Star Trek: Into Darkness. (If this keeps up, just imagine the future Trek titles. Star Trek Towards HomeStar Trek Across the UniverseStar Trek Over Troubled WatersStar Trek Until Eternity. Star Trek Outside. Star Trek Under Below. A duology about the Mirror Universe called Star Trek Between: Part One—Star Trek Down and Star Trek Between: Part Two—Star Trek Up. A spinoff prequel called Before Star Trek. A reboot called Trek Into Stars.)

Paramount had no comment on the Trek 3 title. As points out, this could be an elaborate ruse by Abrams’ famously secretive production company Bad Robot. Like that time they said Khan definitely wasn’t the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness. Given Lin’s track record, it’s also possible that the movie will just be called Trek.

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