By Madison Vain
Updated April 22, 2015 at 07:13 PM EDT

Hugo Leclercq, the 20-year-old French musician who produces music under the moniker Madeon, dropped his debut album Adventure March 31 and, unsurprisingly, the synth-daydream of a collection went straight to No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. (It now sits at No. 4.) It’s remarkably different than the titles surrounding it—where they pound, it purrs feel-good vibes—and it has us throwing its tracks all over our playlists.

So when we asked the artist to make us a playlist, perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised that he was one step ahead of us again, answering a question we didn’t even realize we had: Hey Madeon, what did you listen to while making Adventure? Herewith, the tracks he was streaming while recording.

Para One — “Every Little Thing”

“It’s a very elegantly produced pop song with a lot of great hooks but a very interesting sonic universe. I think that what was appealing to me is that it’s a pop song that managed to create a world that was deep and exciting and complex in its sound design.”

Say Lou Lou — “Beloved”

“Another beautiful pop song with very elegant production. It was appealing to me because there’s a lot of surprise hooks in the way it’s written—a lot of twists and turns in the melody that take you by surprise. I felt like it took me on a journey of interesting melodies while still being very intelligible as a song.”

Jonsi — “Boy Lilikoi”

“That’s a song that I love because I remember my brother played it for me, and it was one of those instant moments. My life needed this song in it. It’s a very flourishing production. There’s a lot of elements and details. It’s very optimistic and it commits to its emotion.”

M83 “Kim & Jessie”

“I just recently got into ‘80s teenage movies which I had never seen before like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club, and I just watched them for the first time. I’m insanely nostalgic about them, which is very weird because obviously I’ve only seen them in the past couple of years, so I don’t have any reason to be nostalgic about them—but they feel inherently nostalgic. ‘Kim & Jessie’ really is the same for me. It’s a song that I listened to and discovered recently but felt like I had loved it and had a lot of memories attached to it for a long time—which is weird. So it was an interesting emotion for me trying to make stuff that is instantly nostalgic.”

Kanye West “Champion”

“Kanye is an artist I’ve always been interested in, but I actually hadn’t listened to Graduation until a couple of years ago, right when I started making the album. That album, on first listen, became one of my top three favorite albums ever. It just felt so dense and interesting and honest and committed to its aesthetic as well. ‘Champion’ in particular just felt like a very concise, interesting song that managed to get its point across really quickly in a very elegantly structured way.”

Porter Robinson “Divinity”

“Porter and I have been friends since I was about 12 or 13. We were both in middle school, and we were talking online and sharing music. He’s always been a big influence for me all along the way of learning how to make music and making music. We were making our albums around the same time, so we were sending each other demos and ideas, and he sent me “Divinity” quite a long time ago, long before it was released, and I remember being really, really impressed and really excited by it and how fresh and exciting it sounded, how much identity it had. That was definitely a song that made me want to also try different things and find new ways to make music that I hadn’t thought of before.”

Panama “Always”

“It’s one of the songs that I listed to a lot on the album. I wouldn’t be able to really tie it into any particular development of my album, but it’s just a song that I love and listened to quite a bunch when I was making the album.”

Ta-ku “Higher (Flume Remix)”

“I got into Flume right as I was starting to make the album, and this song stuck out to me for some reason. Flume was super exciting to me because it showed a wide, uncharted territory of electronic music that hadn’t really been explored before. A world beyond house, essentially. Very influential.”

Daft Punk “Voyager”

“Discover is my favorite album of all time I’m pretty sure, or second favorite with Sgt. Pepper, but ‘Voyager’ is one of those songs that I keep coming back to, and I always have a newfound appreciation for it as I grow. It’s just a song that carries a very specific mood that I don’t really find in many other songs.”

Hayden James “Permission To Love”

“Another one that I was listening to a lot when I made the album. As you can tell, three or four songs on my playlist are signed to Future Classics, the Australian label, so I’m definitely a big fan. This particular song is also one that I listened to and instantly loved. It’s really good; what can I say?”