Courtesy of Columbia Nashville
April 21, 2015 at 05:08 PM EDT

“Redneck Crazy” singer Tyler Farr is releasing his sophomore album, Suffer in Peace—whose lead single “A Guy Walks into a Bar” hit No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart this week—next Tuesday (April 28). On it, the brawny, strutting male lead from his debut collection has retreated within. His characteristic growl becomes the voice of a wounded lover, searching for solace in the lick of a mountain breeze on the album’s title track—and “Withdrawals” has him crashing, desperate for the high the lover who left him used to give. 

Today, he’s sharing “Raised to Pray,” an encapsulation of the kind of revelry reserved for the young, with EW. Staying out past curfew, keeping Mom up waiting, sneaking beers, and hoping you can work up the courage to hit on that girl—yep, the one over there sitting on the rusted fence—it’s a trip through high-school that feels, well, revelrous. 

Farr is currently supporting Jason Aldean on his Burn It Down Tour. He’ll play a special, album-release set in New York City April 28. A full list of dates are available on the singer’s website

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