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Lots of Mad Men fans were taken aback by the return of Glen Bishop during Sunday night’s episode, “The Forecast”—but not star January Jones. The 37-year-old actress plays Betty Francis (formerly Draper) on the AMC series, and shared a sexually-charged scene with the teenager. According to Jones, however, the sequence was more maternal than anything else.

“I love that storyline, and I always have. I don’t find it creepy,” Jones told TIME in an interview. “I think it just says a lot about Betty’s character and her emotional maturity level that she relates so well to Glen, who is far younger than her. She’s gone through many different stories with him, from when they first met to when she was jealous of Sally’s relationship with him.”

Glen, played on Mad Men by creator Matthew Weiner’s son, Marten, arrives back in Betty’s life to inform her and daughter Sally that he’s enlisted in the military and headed to Vietnam.

“This last chapter, I think, sort of opened her eyes to the reality of the situation and the logistics of it,” Jones continued. “I think selfishly she’s always thought about how everything affected her, and she’s realizing finally how it affected him. And she dealt with it in a very maternal way.”

But despite the fact that those Betty/Glen scenes make sense to Jones on a story level, shooting their encounter—where Glen tried to kiss Betty—was a little awkward.

“I felt his hesitation and awkwardness,” Jones told The Huffington Post. “Not in the earlier stuff, but in the new stuff, because he’s, like, a man now. He’s 18 and he gets what he’s saying. […] Yeah, they were awkward, but I think they needed to be. I think that’s what made it beautiful.”

For more from Jones, head to TIME.

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