Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Vin Diesel, you may have found the next member of your Fast and Furious family.

Helen Mirren, appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, touched on the topic of Diesel and the blockbuster franchise he headlines. From the sound of it, you could almost forget who Mirren is—she sounds like any other huge fan of Dominic Toretto.

After watching him give a speech at a ceremony, Mirren thought Diesel was “so smart, and so funny, and so cool, and I just sort of fell a little bit in love with him right there and then.”

Mirren may not think Diesel even knows who she is—though she might be wrong about that—but she’s offered up her love of Diesel, not to mention her love of stunt driving, on several occasions lately. That’s reason enough to bring her on for Fast 8/Furious 8/8 Fast 8 Furious, right?

Hopefully it won’t be too long before Mirren starts living her life a quarter mile at a time.

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