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Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/Getty Images; John P. Filo/CBS

The end of David Letterman’s late-night reign comes May 20, and CBS has already announced the killer group of guests that will help finish out the icon’s wild ride. But there’s a chance that another Late Show guest could be added to the roster, one who would eclipse everyone else: Jay Leno. As CNN Money reports, Letterman said Monday during a pre-taping period that there’s an offer out to his former time-slot rival to stop by before the 68-year-old’s farewell.

A Leno appearance would present a nice coda to both men’s careers. The ex-Tonight Show host appeared on Letterman’s NBC program, Late Night, when Johnny Carson still ruled The Tonight Show from behind the big desk. When Carson retired, Letterman, his presumptive successor, was passed over for Leno, spurring Letterman to create his current CBS show. (The entire saga is covered in great detail in Bill Carter’s The Late Shift.) If Super Bowl commercials are any indication, the two are past any prior beef—but appearing together would still make waves.

Between those previously announced guests—a list including everyone from Julia Roberts to Tom Waits—and the revelation of invites sent to both Leno and Brian Williams, Letterman’s going out in a big, big way.

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