April 21, 2015 at 09:17 PM EDT

Monica Geller could be extremely competitive, especially when it came to games and trivia (and, really ,everything else). So it’s no surprise Courteney Cox is equally as cutthroat in real life.

Cox appeared on Ellen to play a round of “Heads Up,” where the trivia topic was, of course, Friends. And Cox put her knowledge to the test, answering most of the questions with ease.

But as things start to turn difficult—just the thought of Ugly Naked Guy a decade later would trip anyone up, to be fair—you’d be forgiven for thinking Cox hadn’t slipped into her former role. The timer counts down, and Cox’s determination ramps up, but it seems Ross incessantly yelling “Pivot!” didn’t quite stick in Cox’s mind as it has for so many fans.

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