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The People Under the Stairs

Are you ready for some new nightmares?

Syfy revealed today that director and all-round terrormeister Wes Craven is developing two horror shows for the network: a reworking of his 1991 movie The People Under the Stairs, and another project called We Are All Completely Fine. The shows are part of a first-look deal between Craven, whose other credits include the original A Nightmare on Elm Street and all four Scream movies, and Universal Cable Productions, the company already responsible for the Syfy shows Dominion and 12 Monkeys, among others.

According to the official release, the new version of The People Under the Stairs concerns “a young woman [who] goes missing at the grand Robeson Family Manor” and a “centuries-old horrors that lie deep within the estate.” The show is being described as “a contemporary Downton Abbey meets Amityville Horror” and will be written by Michael Reisz (of the CBS show Unforgettable). We Are All Completely Fine, meanwhile, relates the story of a psychologist named Dr. Jan Sayer, who “gathers survivors of five horror movie scenarios in a support group—and unwittingly unlocks the evils of her patients’ pasts.” The show is based on a 2014 book by Daryl Gregory and its pilot will be both written and directed by Craven.

In addition to these two projects, Craven is developing a near future-set show for UCP called Disciples, about three “deep-space” private eyes who are hired to retrieve a senator’s daughter from a cult on Ganymede, Jupiter’s largest moon. Craven will executive produce along with Steve Niles, who wrote the original graphic novel.

“Universal Cable Productions is the home of an amazing slate of TV programming and I’m delighted to be working with them,” Craven was quoted as saying in the press release announcing the deal. “Fasten your seatbelts.”

Craven is also an executive producer of MTV’s small screen version of Scream, which will premiere June 30.

You can check out the trailer for the film version of The People Under the Stairs below.

The People Under the Stairs
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