By Jonathon Dornbush
Updated April 20, 2015 at 01:14 PM EDT
Credit: Illumination Entertainment
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If you ever want to refer to the color of one of Despicable Me‘s adorable Minions, it’ll no longer suffice to say they’re just yellow. It’s now officially “Minion Yellow.”

The Pantone Color Institute has announced the creation of a brand new hue of yellow—“an illuminating, energetic, friendly and fun-loving yellow shade that immediately calls out to you”—tied to the upcoming Minions spin-off film. The color is the first character-branded hue from Pantone, and, according to the institute, resulted from a collaboration between Pantone, the film’s creators, and Pharrell Williams, who has done music for the series (as anyone everyone who has heard “Happy” will be aware).

The executive director of the Pantone Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, described the color as one “that heightens awareness and creates clarity, lighting the way to the intelligence, originality and the resourcefulness of an open mind—this is the color of hope, joy and optimism.” It also probably makes anyone who sees it really crave bananas.

You can see plenty of Pantone Minion Yellow in Minions when the film opens on July 10.


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