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Updated April 17, 2015 at 03:34 PM EDT

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Some TV shows make up websites to skirt copyright issues. Others use fictional sites as plot devices. But no matter the reason, fabricated websites on television tend to have amusing names that almost seem real. (We’re still waiting for a YouFace account.)

In the case of HBO’s Silicon Valley, though, the fake domain is real: Its entire show is centered around a start-up called Pied Piper that actually has a real-life, functioning website. To celebrate the comedy’s return (its second season premiered April 12), we’ve compiled a list of the fake Facebooks, YouTubes, Googles, and general websites on TV—and provided links for the ones that actually work (sadly, ChumHum is not one of those).

Fake Google

ChumHum (The Good Wife)

Gryzzl (Parks and Recreation)

Hooli (Silicon Valley)

NetRangler (Dexter)

RoundSearch (American Horror Story)

Searchsies (Community)

SearchBlazer (Nikita)

Sleuthway (The Good Wife)

Fake Facebook (Supernatural)

Facebranch (The Good Wife)

Facerange (Degrassi)

FaceUnion (Law & Order: SVU)

Friendface (The IT Crowd)

Springface (The Simpsons)

YouFace (30 Rock)

Fake YouTube

MyTube (The Simpsons)

SplashFace (iCarly)

VidTrope (The Good Wife)

Fake dating websites (as mentioned in the Nov. 7, 2014 issue of EW)

Boobr (Marry Me)

Dice (New Girl)

HumpR (How to Get Away with Murder)

NoRulesDating (Stalker)

PassionPairing (The Mysteries of Laura)

Wallflower (A to Z)


The Al Dente Dentist (Broad City)

Body by Trey (Broad City)

Pied Piper (Silicon Valley)

Pronuncify (30 Rock)

Save Walter White (Breaking Bad)

SassyMadison (The Simpsons)

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