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Matt Murdock may be fighting to keep Hell’s Kitchen safe, but it seems his crimefighting is inciting some cyber crime.

Piracy-tracking firm Excipio, as reported by Variety, has revealed that Daredevil was the second-most pirated show worldwide between April 10-16. 2.1 million unique users have reportedly downloaded episodes of Netflix’s latest original show, with pirates in Brazil being the most frequent culprits. The United States was home to the third-most illegal downloads of the show, behind India and ahead of the United Kingdom, France, and Australia.

So while everyone you know may have a Netflix log-in—or is using the log-in of a friend/parent/neighbor—piracy still presents a major issue for the streaming service.

Daredevil was only the second-most illegally downloaded show of the week, with Game of Thrones being the top downloaded show, with a reported 6.5 million downloads in the same time. Of course, those numbers take into account new episodes of Game of Thrones as well as episodes from its previous four seasons, not just a single season as is the case with Daredevil.

Game of Thrones piracy has been a longterm problem, and another firm, Irdeto, reported that downloads of Game of Thrones, in the weeks leading up to the fifth season premiere, grew 45 percent year over year. When looking at the most downloads by country, Brazil is still the top culprit, with the U.S. coming in third again.

Still, it’s an impressive sign of Marvel and Daredevil‘s popularity that the show’s single season garnered about a third of Game of Thrones‘ downloads in a one-week period. Netflix would likely hope that popularity translates into actual subscribers, though, as it preps more Marvel programming in the months to come.

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