Credit: Disney

Things that don’t often happen in the Senate:

1. Actual political progress

2. Opportunities to express yourself with bold new fashions and statement patterns

3. Financial hearings interrupted by standout songs from animated Disney movies

That classic third nightmare occurred on April 16 when, during a senatorial committee meeting, Kansas senator Pat Roberts’ cell phone rang—alerting the rest of the house that either his granddaughter programs his cell phone, or he could not be more g-damn excited for Frozen 2.

Was it actually his ringtone? Was it his Spotify acting up on its own accord, a la that thing that happens when you enchant a snow monster and it gains sentience? Or was it the ghost of a Capitol Hill lobbyist named Elsa who chose an obnoxious way to express her spectral views on U.S. tariff policy? We may never know.

And, because nobody’s ever made a “let it go” joke before: