The long wait for the first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is almost over, and director Zack Snyder has now given us an exact time of when to expect it… at least for a lucky few.

Snyder tweeted out information for an IMAX event to be held on Monday, April 20, in theaters throughout the United States, where the first Dawn of Justice trailer will be screened. There’s no word on whether the trailer will make its way online at the exact same time to avoid bootleg copies or if it’ll debut later. But the event will offer the first look at Snyder’s latest on some of the country’s biggest screens, which is a much better alternative to watching on your phone (if you can secure a ticket). The event will also include a special introduction by Snyder.

To make the wait over the next few days that much more difficult, Snyder tweeted out a 20 second teaser with only a few seconds—FIVE, if you want to be exact—featuring actual footage from the film.

Watch the teaser below to see Superman and Batman’s suits waiting in the wings to be donned, try to secure a ticket to an IMAX screening, and prepare for the full trailer’s reveal next Monday.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
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