By Jeff Labrecque
Updated April 15, 2015 at 04:00 PM EDT
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Live From New York!

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Four decades after the first episode of Saturday Night Live, the debate continues: Which was the show’s best cast ever? Was it the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players from 1975? Was it the cast that gelled around Bill Murray just a year or two later? Was it the team that served during the glory years of Will Ferrell, or was it a cast from the past decade, when the ladies of SNL became the show’s top stars?

The case you prefer often depends on your age, your generation, and what cast was making you laugh during your own prime SNL-watching years. But it’s hard to argue with former cast member Andy Samberg, who wasn’t even alive when the show first premiered. In a clip from the new documentary, Live From New York!, which premieres tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, he explains why the original cast is still, and will always be, the greatest.

Live From New York! will open in theaters on June 12.

Live From New York!

2015 movie
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  • 82 minutes
  • Bao Nguyen