Credit: Eddy Chen/IFC

You know Vince Gilligan as the creator/executive producer of such dark, wry, nuanced dramas as Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. As well you should—that’s what he does for a living.

But the guy has been sneaking out from behind the camera and venturing in front of it, too. He made his acting debut last season on Community, playing the hammy host of “Pile of Bullets” a ’90s VHS board game. Now, he tackles his most challenging role yet—or at least his second one—as he guest-stars as the Commissioner in a Batman parody sketch on Comedy Bang! Bang!

The following video boasts an exclusive peek at the high-stakes action, as Scott and Reggie slide down to the Bang Cave, where Scott receives a desperate call from the Commissioner—who asks him to thwart a cunning criminal named the Quizzler (Tom Green). Turns out this Quizzler dude has been wreaking illicit havoc all over the city. Does Scott answer on the first ring? Does he have the cognitive capacity to take down this villain? And what does a delicious ballpark treat have to do with any of this? Find out right now by pressing play.

The episode airs April 24 at 11 p.m. on IFC.


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