Credit: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

On the heels of an epic performance at Coachella, Florence Welch has announced that she has broken her foot after enthusiastically leaping off the stage during the concert. Ouch.

The the lead singer of Florence + The Machine posted an X-ray of a foot to the band’s Facebook page on Tuesday. She wrote that this year’s Coachella show has been one of her favorites, but while her foot heals, her performances will be a little more restrained.

“I’m so sorry, I’m pretty devastated, but I still want to do the shows. I understand this is not what you were expecting, but I hope its just as enjoyable. I’m going to try and make it super special for you,” Welch wrote.

Florence + The Machine is currently touring, so hopefully Welch’s foot will heal and the Dog Days will be over soon.