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By Candice Accola
Updated April 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: The CW

In the six seasons that The Vampire Diaries has been on The CW, the best character transformation has debatably come from Caroline Forbes; she went from high school cheerleader to kickass vampire and hasn’t looked back. Ever wonder what Candice Accola, the actress who plays Caroline, thinks about these emotional, hilarious, whatever they may be—but always very Caroline—moments she gets to act out? So did we, so EW has given Accola the space to share her thoughts each week about what’s going on in the episode and behind the scenes. This week she breaks down Thursday’s episode, “I Could Never Love Like That.” (Read the full recap here.) Here’s Accola’s inaugural blog post….

Dark lighting, an unsuspecting human, a vampire surely to be lurking around the corner… bring on the dead body shock drop. Stefan’s “booooo…” makes me laugh. Stefan and Caroline’s “Bonnie and Clyde” story line has been so fun to act out and is a nice, needed break from the beautifully tear-jerking episodes leading up to this point. Another exciting change has been new beautiful faces around set, such as Annie Wersching! Now, if Annie’s character Lily Salvatore were cooking me breakfast in the Salvatore house while I was upstairs dancing naked with my loved one, I’d totally let her get under my skin. It’s great to learn more about Damon: his history with his mother, his favorite breakfast is “eggy in baskey,” and that he’s extremely gifted in teaching old world vampires their way around the interweb. I’m impressed this 200-year-old vampire, who’s been locked away for over a century, already learned to use Google.

How thrilled are you to see where this season’s new fan favorite Enzo came from?! It’s been such a pleasure working more with Mr. Malarkey. Can anyone guess the origin of his accent? $100 bucks to whoever gets it right! While you’re marinating on that, I would like to go on record to say that I’m the one who chose “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” for three very good reasons:

  1. Pat Benatar will always be a rock goddess.
  2. I have sang this song at many a karaoke bar after downing many a tequila shot. I figure if I could sing it under those circumstances, sober at work should turn out just fine.
  3. One and two were good enough reasons for me.

For those who are wondering, yes, you do feel like a total idiot dancing around on a stage while singing karaoke in front of all of your coworkers at 9 in the morning on a Monday.

Back in the car, as adorable as Lily is trying to transcribe the perfect text to Elena from Damon’s phone, I can’t tell whether she’s concerned or calculating—which is a big compliment to Annie Wersching. In the hospital, Jo’s pregnancy brain opposite Elena’s matter-of-fact “where are they now” lesson makes me laugh. Jo is right. The last thing that baby needs is Uncle Psychopath. (Little known fact: Uncle Psychopath was supposed to be the third Uncle in the hit series Full House, but his character didn’t test well.)

Oh god. More awkward dancing in the bar. Please feel free to fast-forward through this part. While I don’t think anyone should ever gather their ex-boyfriends and then force them through a game of trivia facts about themselves, I do think this would be an excellent reality game show. However, it’s nice that six years into the series I’m still learning about my character. October 10th is Caroline’s birthday, and she doesn’t have a favorite color? Good to know.

I like that the writers took a second to allow Elena to accept that there will always be a dark side of her while she’s a vampire. It’s so important to be reminded how dark the mythology of vampires really is. The easiness in which Jo tells Elena to have a talk with her vampire boyfriend about her urge to turn back into a human and have babies is priceless. There’s a section in self-help for that right?

Jump into your DeLorean and set it for 1903 to find Enzo looking mighty fine while dying of consumption. Lily is both so tender and murderous as she lends her bloody helping hand to Lorenzo. Wait… Enzo is short for Lorenzo? As in Snookie’s baby’s name? Wow, I’m learning a lot in this episode. Such as Damon is going to need a marathon of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday after hearing from his mother that she never went back for him or Stefan, and likes her “me” time more than mom time. How could any mother not go back and search for those beautiful eyes?

Now, if you want to see fear, freeze-frame this coin toss. There could be a 10-minute gag reel of the amount of times it took me to flip that coin without dropping it or hitting the camera! I’m almost as clumsy as Tyler accidentally stabbing Matt. Related: Has anyone ever thought about the fact that the local Mystic Falls dry cleaner must make bank on removing bloodstains?

Even though Lily has boldly stated her lack of love for her sons, she sure is butting into her son’s love life quite easily. I’m just waiting for her to lick her hand and smooth his hair back.

While Matt continues to bleed out and Tyler continues to vein out, Caroline and Stefan are happily content on their favorite bar top. Enter Lily Salvatore. The stage is yours, Lily. Caroline didn’t care to catch this matinee performance as she skedaddles out in an attempt to keep her own humanity off. Back at the doctor’s office, Matt takes a stance for humans everywhere denouncing Elena’s vampire blood. Considering the fake blood we use is really gross red corn syrup, I don’t blame him.

It’s time for Lily’s acting debut of “A Mother Pretending to Love Her Son” back at the Skullbar. Action! Fabricated memories. Her smile. Face touch. False promises. Tears?!? Brava, Lily Salvatore! You did it. Without truly meaning a word you were saying, you brought Ripper Stefan Salvatore back as we discover his emotional trigger is similar to so many other men out in the world. His Mommy. (In between shots, Annie also got to witness how often Ian and Paul crack each other’s backs. They must have been chiropractors in another life.)

Uber exists in Mystic Falls??? It breaks my heart to hear about the life that Elena will never have. Though being a vampire is very badass and makes for a great way to save on wrinkle cream, would it really be worth the sacrifice of the beautiful things we are able to do as humans? Will Elena be upset to learn her boyfriend has been keeping the secret to her happiness away from her for his own selfish reasons? Cue the dramatic music! Bum Bum… wait… Jo’s not happy. She needs the ascendant for her dad. But Damon already gave it away to Lily who plans on using it to bring back her hybrid witch self-siphoning vampires (good luck coming up with an acronym for that one fandom) to modern day Mystic Falls. Alright, now cue the dramatic music. Bum bum bum! Til next week…

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