One of the more intriguing movies playing at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival is Applesauce, the new dark comedy from writer-director-actor Onur Tukel who made a burgundy-colored splash with last year’s vampire tale Summer of Blood. This time around, Tukel plays a high school teacher named Ron Welz who calls a phone-in radio show hosted by Dylan Baker’s Stevie Bricks to talk about the worst thing he’s ever done. What he reveals, according to the official synopsis, “sets off a chain of hilariously uncontrollable events adversely affecting his marriage and another couple. And when someone starts sending him body parts, his life really begins to fall apart.”

Applesauce also stars Trieste Kelly Dunn, Max Casella, Jennifer Prediger, and Karl Jacob and premieres at Tribeca on April 19. You can see an exclusive clip from the film below.