By Isabella Biedenharn
Updated April 13, 2015 at 05:19 PM EDT
Mark Levine/ABC

Laura Benanti, the Tony Award-winning actress who appears on both Nashville and The Good Wife, will write a collection of humorous essays for St. Martin’s Press, EW reports exclusively.

The actress will share funny (and occasionally weird) stories from her time growing up in New Jersey, moving to New York City at 18 to pursue her Broadway dreams, and ending up married and divorced twice by age 34. Benanti will also address themes like learning to be alone, people-pleasing, and “ladyfriendships”—all of which she writes about frequently on Twitter.

“Every single day, something weird happens to me,” Benanti says. “The man next to me on the plane leans over and whispers in my ear that he is ‘not a fan of flying’ because ‘he’s in the funeral business.’ A little kid on the street practicing karate accidentally punches me directly in the lady zone. A handsome but scruffy stranger on the subway I have been chatting with for 20 minutes asks me if I would like to get a coffee/do I have any spare change. Stuff like that. I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to endure this burden alone. So I have decided to share it with you.”

Benanti’s collection is planned for publication in fall 2016.