The CW
April 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Tyler Durden likely wouldn’t be a fan of the first rule of Superhero Fight Club—there are no rules of Superhero Fight Club.

The CW released a video bringing the biggest hero and villains of shared-universe shows Arrow and The Flash together to go all-in on cage match-style brawls. Ignoring the logistics of having Central City and Starling City’s saviors and baddies agree to meeting in this type of venue, it’s a fun glimpse at the showdowns that have happened and those yet to come.

More than that, the video is also a showcase example of both shows’ stunt choeography and visual effects, partcularly Arrow‘s impressive hand-to-hand-combat.

Team Arrow includes the titular hero alongside Arsenal, Black Canary, Malcolm Merlyn, and Ra’s al Ghul, while The Flash‘s scarlet speedster, Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold, and Heat Wave, and both sides of Firestorm come out to play. And not to be totally left out of the fun—he is potentially starring in another spin-off, after all—one last fighter zooms in at the video’s end.

The video comes out ahead of both shows returning for all new episodes through their respective season finales, reminding viewers just how interconnected these shows are. Does it hint at the importance of some battles or characters in the remaining episodes for each show? Maybe—and if the last trailer is any indication, the Flash and Arrow will be seeing a lot more of each other in these final episodes.

The Flash returns on Tuesday and Arrow on Wednesday, both on The CW.

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