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Is there anything you can say about the Castor clones we’ll be meeting on Orphan Black this season? — Amy

I pick Rudy, the one hanging out in the basement of Topside. “He likes to prove that he’s the smartest guy in the room by pushing people’s buttons and finding their thing and getting under their skin,” Ari Millen tells me. “He’s a trained soldier. He’s very dangerous. We’ll see that soldier mentality and that killer instinct and comaraderie of the Castor brothers, that sort of fraternity, but you’ll also see the viciousness and the craziness that is probably more of an act than a screw loose. But it’s all about intimidation.” Consider me intimidated already.

Will FitzSimmons have any contact while she’s undercover at the Real Shield? Loved them on the last episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Ditchthel

Not any time soon. But Fitz will come into contact with some other familiar faces during next week’s episode, while Simmons may begin to doubt whether she made the right decision when it comes to Fury’s toolbox. But more importantly, this is the episode where we find out how Melinda May became The Cavalry. Trust me, it’s been worth the wait.

Gotham stuff, if possible. — Kyle

Next week, Milo Ventimiglia makes his debut as a creepy serial killer who targets women, though he may make an exception for Gordon. Fish, meanwhile, will make a play to escape the Dollmaker, but will come up against an equally formidable new foe who could be her ultimate downfall.

Will finding out about what her parents did cause Emma to go evil on Once Upon a Time? — Hunter

I feel comfortable in saying that I’m worried. “That’s what we’re going to explore for the next few episodes,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. “From episode 17 to the end, you’re going to see it’s a lot about Emma—will she go dark—and it’s also about this Author and what he can or cannot do.” But there could be hope on the horizon. “She’s going to get an opportunity to alter her parents’ past mistakes and she’s going to have an unlikely ally, which is Regina,” Kitsis adds.

Is Esther really dead on The Originals? — Mary

I can’t speak as to whether anyone’s ever really dead on The Originals, but I do know that you can expect more of Esther in the future … at least in some form or another. According to Joseph Morgan, Dahlia’s arrival will provide information about their past, which will “help us to sympathize with Esther a bit more I think,” he says. “The thing I love the most about the show is it really humanizes these characters that are potentially villains. The whole area of who’s good and who’s bad is muddied, and you’re left to make up your own mind.” In other words, now that Esther might be dead, you could actually start to like her.

Outlander scoop, please! What’s going to happen with Laoghaire? — Kate

Let’s just say that Laoghaire is a very determined young lady, and she’s incredibly heartbroken about the situation with Jamie. Thankfully, she’s going to keep her clothes on in front of Jamie in the near future, but that won’t stop Claire from finding out about her recent proposition. Don’t expect Laoghaire to apologize for that transgression—she truly believes that she and Jamie are meant to be, and that causes Claire to do something that could (read: will) come back to bite her.

Anything Bates Motel? — Mandy

In a rare move for Spoiler Room, I really don’t want to give away the fun of Monday’s shocking Norman-centric moment, but I’ll just say that the season’s halfway point is also perhaps the midway point for Norman Bates’ entire narrative arc. After Monday, he’ll be much closer to Psycho Norman than Bates Motel Norman. Cryptic much? Sorry.

I’m so happy Last Man on Earth got renewed. Anything you can share about what’s coming up? — Rochelle

Phil Miller has done some pretty despicable things on the show so far, but Sunday’s episode will prove that there is no line he won’t cross. Though Phil comes up with what he thinks is the perfect plan that could change his life for the better, it will backfire in a major and awkward way.

Will Jo finally find out about Henry on Forever? — Kendra

Henry’s increasingly suspicious behavior will test the bounds of their working relationship to the point of no return. Bonus scoop: The gun that could possibly end Henry’s life for good will be fired by season’s end.

Is Olivia also from the future on 12 Monkeys? It seems like she also hasn’t aged. — Ralph

“She has different hair,” executive producer Terry Matalas jokingly contends. “Olivia’s story will really be unpacked in season 2. A good question to ask is how did she know Ramse was going to be in that jail and why did she have such affection for him when she saw him?” It also sounds like we’ll find out who her mysterious father is in season 2. Perhaps he’s the Witness?

Best news I’ve heard all week: I’d still invite Jon Snow to all my dinner parties.

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