The 'Avengers' two-parter is a 'Captain America' reunion

By Darren Franich
Updated April 10, 2015 at 09:49 PM EDT
Credit: Marvel

A few days ago, Marvel Studios officially locked in directors Anthony and Joe Russo to helm Avengers: Infinity War, the threequel duology which promises to unite all the divergent strands of Marvel’s various franchises. The Russo Brothers directed last year’s acclaimed Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and are currently working on next year’s Cap threequel Civil War. And to write the movie, it looks like Marvel is going back to the Captain America well.

Devin Faraci of BadassDigest reports that both Infinity Wars will be scripted by Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus, the screenwriting team behind all three Captain America movies.

Marvel isn’t confirming the hire, but the Markus/McFeely team has become a central creative force in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to their Cap work, the writers received a screenplay credit on Thor: The Dark World. (As with the first Thor, there were five credited writers on the sequel; a sure sign that everything went entirely according to plan and there were no creative differences at any stage of the process.) They also created Marvel Studios’ second TV series Agent Carter, a Cap spinoff set in The First Avenger‘s milieu—and the mere existence of Agent Carter speaks to an intra-Marvel esteem for the Captain America solo franchise.

Infinity War—Part 1 is slated to hit theaters May 2018, just in time for people who were never alive in the ’90s to start graduating from high school.