And find out when the game will be released, too.

When asked about his team’s creative collaboration with AMC on a new The Walking Dead video game, developer Next Games’ Kalle Kaivola chuckles before saying, “They’ve asked us to put in even more blood.” Sounds about right.

But like the gore-soaked series it’s based on, the upcoming free-to-play mobile game The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is as much about the survivors as it is their ability to turn walker skulls into pulpy stew.

Kaivola, who heads up the Finnish studio’s licensed game development offered more details about how the game will work.

“Players will be in charge of building the stories of the survivors through their actions in the game,” he said. “They’re building a group of survivors and are in charge of their fortunes in the world of The Walking Dead.”

While that responsibility will include ample opportunity to free walkers of their decaying innards, players will also be tasked with finding shelter, scavenging for food and resources, and generally ensuring their survivors don’t lose their lunches when faced with a swarm of undead uglies.

That survival aspect will involve training your group of multiple survivors and making the most of their specific skills and abilities. As Kalle ominously warns though, some poor saps could be sent packing, and survival sounds about as guaranteed as it is on the AMC show.

“Not everyone will fit in your group or will be strong enough to go forward with you,” he explained.

This element will also play into the game’s strategy-focused decision-making, a gameplay mechanic that will see armchair apocalypse survivors mulling difficult choices with both immediate and long-term consequences.

While further details on No Man’s Land are locked down tighter than Alexandria’s front gate (well, when flaky Father Gabriel’s not on watch, that is), check out some images of characters from the game below, which should give you some idea of what to expect when the game hits this fall, first on iOS devices with an Android version to follow.


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