Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon in Hot Pursuit
Credit: Sam Emerson

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara seem like an odd couple—and they play one in Hot Pursuit, directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal). Witherspoon is Officer Cooper, a by-the-book cop sent to protect Mrs. Riva (Sofia Vergara), the sexpot wife of a drug lord. After Riva’s husband is killed, they end up on the run together. The two actresses couldn’t stop cracking each other up on set in Louisiana, or during this interview.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What were your first impressions of each other?

SOFIA VERGARA: I thought that she was so pretty!

REESE WITHERSPOON: I met her at a hotel. She came in the door, and every man in the lobby literally turned their heads. I’ve never seen anything like it.

VERGARA: I had very tight jeans.

WITHERSPOON: I think it’s great that Sofia has this sense of humor about herself. She doesn’t take herself so seriously, which is—

VERGARA: You don’t take yourself seriously either.

WITHERSPOON: I take myself very seriously, Sofia. I’m a very serious actress.

VERGARA: [Laughs] Yeah, whatever.

WITHERSPOON: I will have you know I was just nominated for an Oscar [for Wild].

VERGARA: I was joking with Reese, “They’re going to take that nomination away from you after they see you in this movie.”

There’s a lot of physical contact between you in the movie: making out, sitting in each other’s laps…

WITHERSPOON: That was all Sofia’s idea. Sofia really insisted that it be in the script.

VERGARA: She smells like a strawberry!

Sofia, you spend a lot of the movie in an ultratight dress and heels. Reese, you’re in a frumpy police uniform. Were you ever jealous of each other’s wardrobe?

VERGARA: I would never want to look like she does. Never. She looks like a 10-year-old policeman boy.

WITHERSPOON: It’s horrible! I’d go up to her and say, “I look like a man!” And she’d say, “Yes, you do.”

There’s an amazing blooper reel at the end of the movie that everyone needs to stay for.

WITHERSPOON: Everything Sofia said was funny. That’s why they decided to put the bloopers in. She has this thing where she starts speaking really fast, and the words become funny. She had to say The Wall Street Journal a lot. It’s hard to say!

VERGARA: There are many words that are very difficult for me to say.

Do you think you’ll team up again?

VERGARA: It’d be super-fun if we got to make a sequel.

WITHERSPOON: Where would we go? We should do it in the snow. Then we’d call it Cold Pursuit!

VERGARA: I can’t look sexy in the snow. I’m not going to do that. Maybe we could do it in Colombia.

WITHERSPOON: It’d be Extremely Hot Pursuit.

Have you stayed in touch since filming ended?

WITHERSPOON: She texted me at one of the awards shows and told me my boobs looked good.

VERGARA: She was wearing a very risky [sic] dress, and I thought she needed to know.

WITHERSPOON: I kept the text, a screen shot of it, and sent it to my husband. When Sofia Vergara says your boobs look good, you know you’ve arrived.

Hot Pursuit opens in theaters on May 8.

Hot Pursuit
2015 movie
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