By Natalie Abrams
Updated April 09, 2015 at 05:43 PM EDT
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It wouldn’t be a real Grey’s Anatomy relationship if there weren’t some dark and twisty elements—which Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) will soon experience firsthand. During Thursday’s episode, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) won’t be pleased when she discovers that her sister-in-law is sleeping with her best friend’s ex, causing Amelia to second guess her decision to open herself up to Owen in the first place.

“She’s really drawn to Owen and Meredith puts a damper on it,” Scorsone tells EW. “Meredith reminds Amelia of how sticky and tragic her past has been with love and kind of screws her feet back to the ground. It takes Amelia out of it to be reminded that regardless of coming to Seattle and starting this new life, her history is still there.”

Naturally, Amelia’s sudden misgivings come at the worst time for Owen. “He starts to feel like he’s in a space where he could have those feelings for her,” McKidd says. “Just at that point is where Amelia decides maybe this isn’t such a great idea. Owen feels he’s exposed himself. He definitely feels at a certain point that he could see that kind of future with her, and then it all gets shut down and he’s hurt and acts like a guy and clams up and does all the guy stuff that guys do when they’re hurt.”

But Owen won’t give up on Amelia without a fight. “He also thinks that this thing is something special, so he’s pretty befuddled by her behavior after she talks to Meredith,” Scorsone says. “He definitely disagrees about her feelings.”

“It’s interesting to see how Owen reacts because he definitely wants something more with Amelia,” McKidd adds. “He’s spent a lot of time this season missing Cristina [Sandra Oh] and making his peace with that. He finally let the ghost of Cristina go and said his final goodbye to her in that vent scene a couple episodes ago. He’s ready to take a tentative step into looking at what his life’s going to be now that he’s finally let this huge person in his life go. Despite himself, he falls into pretty deep feelings for her. So when that thing comes down and Amelia tries to gently slam the door in the relationship’s face, he really wants to fight for it, but whether that works or not, time will tell.

“We’re in the zone where they both have mutual hurt feelings about the way this whole thing goes down,” he continues. “They’re trying to be adults about it, but both have hurt feelings. What’s nice to see with them is they’re both pretty damaged people, and they’re good for each other and both know it in their hearts, but their heads are saying, for all these logical reasons, that they shouldn’t be doing this. So there’s some tension there.”

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