Amanda Seyfried, Mark Walberg, and Seth McFarlene in Ted 2
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STARRING Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman

DIRECTED BY Seth MacFarlane



Before Ted, only people with a Teddy Ruxpin and a knack for electronic tinkering could expect to experience such a foulmouthed stuffed bear. When the film hit theaters in 2012, offering the chance to watch Mark Wahlberg bro down in Boston with a beer-swilling plushie, it became one of the highest-grossing R-rated comedies of all time, raking in a wicked-pissah $549 million worldwide. What was the secret? “It could be as simple as the world just likes a cute fuzzy thing that behaves badly,” creator Seth MacFarlane posits. “It’s like that line in Time Bandits when Napoleon says, ‘Little things hitting each other: That’s what I like!’”

Now the not-so-cuddly living toy is back with his best buddy for a second adventure. “The powers that be, as soon as they start smelling money, they’re thinking, ‘Why not four or five of them in a row?’” says Wahlberg. “But this is my first sequel to a movie that I’ve done, so I only wanted in if we had a good story.” That story is Ted’s quest for “legalization.” To have a baby with his new wife, he must get his bid for personhood recognized by the courts.

That’s a process Wahlberg never went through with his previous stuffed companions. “I did carry a monkey with me everywhere I went when I was a kid,” the actor says. “But he didn’t smoke pot and bang chicks in grocery-store freezers.” Well, at least as far as he knows.

Ted 2
2015 movie
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