By Dana Rose Falcone
April 08, 2015 at 02:28 PM EDT
BBC America

Two weeks after learning that his contract on the BBC’s Top Gear was not going to be renewed, Jeremy Clarkson has landed a new gig. Clarkson will guest host the broadcaster’s Have I Got News for You on April 24, the BBC reports.

Clarkson was suspended following a “fracas” with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon on March 10, and following an investigation into the incident, BBC Director-General Tony Hall announced March 25 that Clarkson’s contract would not be renewed.

A series of live Top Gear shows scheduled before Clarkson’s departure will continue but will lose any association with the BBC and simply be billed as Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond live.

Still, a spokesman for the broadcaster says that Clarkson’s termination with Top Gear does not mean he is banned from appearing on the BBC altogether.

During a previous appearance on the satirical news quiz show Have I Got News for You, Clarkson threw a pen at regular panelist Ian Hislop, which resulted in a cut on Hislop’s face.

This announcement follow’s the North Yorkshire Police declaration Tuesday, saying that they won’t press charges against Clarkson for his physical alteration with Tymon and the case requires “no need for further action.”

The BBC intends to continue Top Gear in 2016 without Clarkson, but for the over one million fans who signed a petition asking to reinstate the presenter, this guest hosting gig indicates that Clarkson’s departure from the BBC won’t be for long.