By Megan Daley
Updated April 07, 2015 at 03:17 PM EDT
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC
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Michael Douglas joined Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s The Tonight Show for a game of Charades along with Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer and 2 Broke Girls‘ Kat Dennings. While the two-time Oscar winner does memorable work on the big screen, he had a pretty difficult time remembering how do to the Macarena.

Dennings and Fallon had a few close calls but they were at an advantage since Douglas had never seen Cryer’s first big movie (sorry, Duckie). But the best moment came when Dennings had to act out Spongebob Squarepants and Fallon was sure the answer was Square Pegs. In the end, she proudly took home bragging rights and got to cross the activity off her bucket list.

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