By Robert Herjavec
April 07, 2015 at 05:59 PM EDT
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The ballroom swelled with emotion last night as we all danced to represent our most memorable years. Kym and I performed a tribute to my mom. set to her favourite song, Engelbert Humperdinck’s “The Last Waltz.” We knew we had the waltz this week, and wanted to stay true to the classic and grand nature of the dance. But it wasn’t until Kym played that particular song for me in rehearsal that the memories started flooding back. I can still see my mom dancing around our apartment, playing this song over and over again and singing, “I had the last waltz with you…”

My mom died in 2006 after a yearlong battle with ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in Stage 4, which meant her treatment options were limited. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance states that there were approximately 22,000 new cases of Ovarian Cancer reported across the US last year alone. There was a 44.6 percent chance of survival for those diagnosed between 2004-2010.

We need to do more. We must do more. Cancer doesn’t care if you’re tall, short, small, large, someone’s brother, sister, father or someone’s mom. Seemingly without rhyme or reason it strikes, hurting those we love and cutting lives short. Ovarian cancer can be treated and sometimes cured in early stages of diagnosis, but unfortunately, many cases are diagnosed too late. Early detection is so important—and having serious conversations with your doctor cannot be stressed enough.

I was floored at the response on social media after our dance. We have all been touched by cancer in some way, shape, or form. Thank you for sharing your stories—words can’t do it justice but it really meant so much to me.

Robert Herjavec

Just when we nailed the frame and got our first 9s, it’s time to change things up. It’s Disney week, and we’re starting a brand new routine TODAY! A lot of people on Twitter want to know how we can possibly be ready to perform a dance live over a matter of days. The truth is—I have no idea! Kym is an excellent teacher and we train every day. It’s very hard—I’m spending at least 6 hours a day practicing. Then I watch footage back to understand where I’m making mistakes, and what the movement should look like.

Other questions from this week:

Which Shark should dance on Dancing with the Stars next season? Mark has been on the show before, and did quite well—so that tells me ANY of us can do it! Just kidding, Mark. I’d love to see Kevin step as far outside of his comfort zone as I have. It could be good for Mr. Wonderful to be judged.

Are you ready for the jive? Next to the rumba, I’ve been told that’s the most challenging dance because the foot action is so quick. I’m up for the challenge. It will be good to cut loose and pick up the pace.

If you’ve got questions, send them my way via twitter to @robertherjavec and tag #TeamSharkaroo.

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